Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Taiwan @ Brown University

Our first double-header weekend started on November 12, in Brown University.

Brown Taiwan Society gave us a very warm welcome ("Popcorn, anyone?").  The audience discussion after meandered everywhere; started with a crash course on Taiwan's history, to personal stories, to anecdotes on the interviewees in the film, and then to thoughts on collective and individual identities.

One question from this night lingered in my mind, "what is it that motivates you guys to be here, doing this event on a Saturday night?"

I think the answer is in the tour itself.  We believe this is an important film.  On top of that, it is much more than just a DVD that you pop in and hit "play".   The topic of identity is meant to be shared, discussed, and perhaps debated on in person.

There is a simple, refreshing joy in just going to a new place and connecting people via this film and the discussion that it prompts.  I like to think that by asking and answering questions, everyone in the audience is, in essence, continuing the documentary together.

Thank you, BTS, for having us!

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