Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Dear Taiwan explores the topic of Taiwanese identity among Taiwan's youths.  The search for identity is, without question, personal for each of us, but collectively, it is also a pivotal step for Taiwan.
What do you think about the discussions in the film?  What are your views on Taiwanese identity? Join our conversation!  We would love to hear from you either via email or video!

《好國好民》探討了年青一代的台灣認同。 各人的認同過程也許直接,也許錯綜複雜,相同的是,這是我們 成長過程中,重要的一步。
聽了銀幕上受訪者的心聲,《好國好民》帶給你什麼樣的感受與反思呢? 歡迎以文章或影片的方式加入這個屬於大家的對話.分享你的觀點。

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